Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MAC Patentpolish lip pencils - in stores now

Love lip crayons but hate having to sharpen them? There's a new alternative - a twist up crayon/pencil with a rounded tip like lip balm.  They feel a bit like lip balm, but they're glossier and the rounded end gives you more precision when applying. They have nice, semi-opaque color, and feel nice and moist on the lips.  There is a little tackiness to the texture, but that doesn't bother me, as it's a thick tackiness.  It means it will stay on longer than a gloss.
And if you have problems with lipsticks sinking into lines on your lips, you will probably like these.  Except for PinkPatent.  That one did sink into my lip lines, so I'll be wearing a primer under it.  I've bought 4 of these and I like them enough that I'm planning to get one more (Pleasant).
They are limited edition, though, so pick one up while they're still stocked.  They're available at MAC stores, Nordstrom counters, most Macy's counters, and at

The pencil doesn't need sharpening, and it has a nice rounded tip that makes it like lip balm when applying

Patentpink, Kittenish and Spontaneous swatches

Hopelessly Devoted is my very favorite - gorgeous color
PatentPink did not work well on me without primer or a lip pencil underneath
PatentPink has worked great on many women I know, but on me it seemed thin and sunk into my lip lines.  Maybe my lips were extra dry that day?

Spontaneous is a nice mauve color that works well for me
Comparing MAC Hopelessly Devoted (top lip) to NARS Yu (bottom)
I have a lot of the NARs crayons so I compared the bright pinks from MAC and NARs.   The NARs is a Satin texture, while the MAC ones are all glossy textures. The MAC one, therefore, was a little glossier and tackier. NARs seemed to sink into my lip lines more, where the MAC ones mostly seem to float on top of them.  I think they both would feather, given enough time, but I haven't done an hours long experiment yet.

Try them out and decide for yourself.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

MAC By Request, 90's edition

Do you ever wish that you could go back to the 90's?  You can, in a way.  For one thing, nineties' fashions are back - floral dresses and combat boots, at least.  And if you hurry, you can get a MAC lipstick shade from that era.  It's online only, and there's only one lipstick left, Glam, a gorgeous pink-red.  The other two that were voted in were Pink Poodle, a gorgeous fuchsia, and Hoop, a pretty rosy-pink.  I bought all 3 and LOVE them.  I also got the Pink Poodle lip gloss, which is also gorgeous.
There are lip glosses to match all 3 lipsticks, and they're all still available.  There are also 3 eyeshadows that were voted to bring back.  I didn't get any of those, since I already have plenty.  There is Butterscotch, a nice yellowish beige, Diesel, a gray, and Fiction, a dark olive green.

These are limited-time only items, so get them while you can!  Then you can shop for those floral print dresses.

Pink Poodle lip glass
Applying Glam



Pink Poodle on me - still good after 4 hours of wear (unlike my eye liner)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Get your spring beauty tools now!

The spring collections from MAC have begun rolling out.  The first one I bought was the Mineralize collection. These are permanent items consisting of lipsticks, lip glasses and eye shadows.  I got some of the lipsticks and glosses, and they are FANTASTIC, especially if you're an older woman.  Moisturizing yet still full of color.  They make my lips look smoother and plumper.  Look at me with the beautiful color Bold Springs on:

I'll share some swatches of the other ones that I have soon.  Also available now are some old 90's MAC classics, brought back by popular vote for MAC by Request.  There are 3 lipsticks:  Hoop, Glam, and Pink Poodle, and matching glosses (available online only).  And today they'll add the 3 eye shadows that were voted back.  I should be getting my lipsticks Friday so I'll do a post with swatches then.  This is a one-time thing, so once they sell out, that's it.

Also in stores today are MAC's Patentpolish pencils.  They're similar to NARS, Urban Decay, and Clinique's chubby pencils/crayons.  The one difference, which is great, is that you don't have to sharpen the MAC ones.  They come in a twist-up applicator.  Instead of coming to a point like a crayon, though, they are rounded.  For me this worked pretty well.  They're very glossy, so I roll them on like a lip balm (like Maybelline's Baby Lips).  If you absolutely must have a sharp line, you can apply it with a lip brush.  These are a limited edition item so try them while they last!  I bought 4, and will do a more detailed review as soon as I can get the rest of the photos to upload (I've been having internet problems lately).
The Kittenish color pencil

Swatches of PatentPink, Kittenish, and Spontaneous (L to R)

Also coming soon is MAC's Playland collection.  Lots of bright colors in the Amplified finish, which is nice and creamy.  It's one of my favorites.  This collection is bright fun colors, mostly for lips, but there are blue and yellow pigments, too. I believe it will be in stores the 14th of this month.

And then there's the collab with Proenza Schouler.  Lots of ombre in this one.  It was supposed to come out today (April 3rd), but then I heard that the release had been pushed back to the 24th.  Tonight I read that some MAC stores/counters are saying part of it WILL be released today, and other sources say no, it won't be available until the 24th.  So it's a wait and see on that one.

And in May the big summer collection comes, and it's GORGEOUS. The packaging looks like water to match the name, Alluring Aquatic.  The packaging is to die for, the colors of the products are mostly neutral, however.  I'm okay with that, as I have lots of brights. I'll try to gather some photos and do a post on that one.